About Us.

Pistachio are well known to be of a European culture theme.

However, we at Pistachio have decided that Kuwait should have a distinguished touch in Chocolate and Crepe recipes. So Pistachio restaurants have been widely spread and successful. What distinguishes Pistachio is the finest world-class Belgium chocolate that we use, as well as how our finest items are served. Our first branch was opened in Abu Hulaifa area, and after a short period of time another branch was opened, and so on until we reached six branches today. Pistachio has become a common destination for all Kuwait visitors, and we are still expanding in the Gulf Area. Our goal is to become a world destination for exquisite Chocolate and Crepe.

Culinary Art

If not prepared perfectly, the flavor of sweets and chocolate might differ,that is why our chefs are specialized in international culinary arts. We do not serve our dishes to our clients all at once, but each dish is served separately so our clients can enjoy the unique test of each one.

Quality Standards

We at Pistachio follow all the world-class quality standards by applying all the rules and regulations established by specialized people, for our restaurant to become number one Chocolate and Crepe specialized restaurant in Kuwait, Gulf Area and the world. We merge both international and local cleanness standards to ensure that our gusts receive the best quality at Pistachio.

The Art of Coffee

Pistachio does not only offer international unique dishes, but also, we offer our special coffee which we prepare by using the highest standards by choosing the finest types of coffee. We choose the best international award-wining and high standards roasted coffee for its special taste.


Besides our especial and exquisite sweets and chocolate dishes, we share our expertise in Arabic, Turkish and international breakfast dishes with our clients. Experience the unique and high standard breakfast served by the most talented chefs at Pistachio.


Facts & Numbers

Our Branches have achieved a major success as we serve 1300 clients per day reaching 2000 in weekends and holidays.